Nov 28, 2019 / BY microlistics

GMA signs up with Microlistics for 3PL WMS

LONDON, UK – GMA Warehousing & Transport will introduce the Microlistics Warehouse Management System (WMS), commencing with GMA’s newly established 130,000-square-foot warehouse, situated in Ipswich, UK.

Microlistics’ deep experience in third-party logistics was a key criterion in GMA’s selection.

GMA will take advantage of Microlistics’ best-in-class 3PL multi-site, multi-client WMS functionality including fully integrated storage and activity-based third-party logistics billing management; system flexibility to dynamically handle products of varied shape, size, and weight; and advanced real-time reporting and analytics.

Microlistics WMS will enable GMA to automatically schedule activities from pick up of containers from the port and shunt-to-warehouse to de-stuffing and storage, capturing activities for billing purposes along the way.

GMA Warehousing & Transport Director, Jay Kamat, said the business assessed a range of systems before selecting Microlistics.

“Microlistics is positioned well on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS and the system is recognised for its high level of flexibility and configurability. That is precisely what we need to ensure that even as we invest in improving accuracy, efficiency and customer connectivity, we also retain the flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.”

“We recently began augmenting our traditional services with pick and pack of stored goods for retail customers. We will be even more responsive to the needs of our customers with the new Microlistics 3PL WMS, with the ability to onboard new sites quickly and seamlessly. We may not know who tomorrow’s new customer will be, but we will now have a system that can handle any requirement.”

Microlistics Founder and Managing Director, Mark Dawson, said revenue leakage was the number one underrated issue for third-party logistics providers.

“Most 3PLs will bend over backwards to meet the requirements of their customers. This approach can be great for winning and retaining business, but often results in unrecovered costs that become significant over time and result in margin loss.”

“With our system, nothing happens in the warehouse without traceability – including activities like value-add services such as de-stuffing, kitting and assembly. This allows every task to be billed accurately and fairly to the customer. That capability alone virtually guarantees a strong return on investment for any 3PL provider, such as GMA.”

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