Tailor your operations for apparel, footwear and accessories industry success.

Achieve full integration of stock handling with your ERP, and eCommerce data exchange with manufacturers and retailers, for complete supply chain visibility.

If you have inadequate integration of retail and supply – especially in fast fashion – your bottom line will take a hit through a misalignment of inventory with trends and outdated, unsellable stock.

Reduce complexity in the apparel supply chain

Easily handle the unique complexity of size, colour and style, as well as unit of measure in the easiest way possible. With a WMS that understands each product and its attributes, retailers can automate receiving, picking and packing more accurately with less effort.

Microlistics WMS makes fashion replenishment, ratio pack management, product kitting and reverse kitting, simple. Pushing this inventory upstream allows retailers to expose more inventory to customers in real-time for fast but accurate fulfilment.

Finding productivity improvements

Microlistics WMS offers a standard set of picking flows designed for the retail industry such as multiple order cart picks, zone pick and consolidation, batch pick to order and more.

Moreover, true cross-dock and flow through streamlines receipt to despatch to reduce inventory and increase on time, on-demand service. Push and pull order streams can co-exist in the same facility and in harmony.

Operational visibility is key

For apparel companies, enhanced productivity is constrained without constant operational visibility.  With Microlistics WMS, track sales and channels in fine detail. Capture crucial data to help with slotting and routing for customers. A significant benefit of this level of visibility is a reduction in customer chargebacks – improving the bottom line.

Microlistics WMS will communicate with, and manage, your materials handling equipment ensuring your investment in technology including automated picking systems such as pick-to-light, AS/RS, multi-pick trolleys and robotics, is supported.

In addition, it is crucial that your WMS has smooth communication with your host systems. Microlistics Integration Gateway provides unlimited connectivity to ensure the right data is interfaced at the right time.

Driving your transport spend down

Transport costs, if handled inefficiently, can be a significant drain on apparel companies’ bottom lines. Reign in your delivery costs with a smart transport or carrier-management system that consolidates shipments and prints carrier labels and consignment notes.

Microlistics WMS enables you to consolidate orders and loads to build the most efficient shipment profile, rate shopping for the most cost-effective shipping method and transit time across a multitude of transport providers including parcel carriers, couriers, and specialty carriers or your own fleet.

Maintain complete visibility and traceability of orders in transit by using streamlined track and trace functionality to reduce the number of shipments required. The result is an improved bottom line and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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