Enterprise WMS

Solve any warehousing challenge with the full capability of Microlistics WMS at your disposal.

Designed to power the most advanced warehouses in sophisticated supply chain ecosystems, Microlistics WMS Enterprise can be custom configured to meet your operational requirements, regardless of scale, industry or bespoke requirement.

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More businesses are choosing Microlistics Enterprise WMS to meet their complex requirements

Every Microlistics WMS Includes

Radio frequency (RF) system-directed task management

Barcode tracking, scanning and verification

Flexible user configurable rules by task, customer or product

Stock rotation principles: fifo, lifo, expiry date, batch, lot

Powerful management dashboards & reports

Comprehensive audit trail for all operations

Quality assurance & quarantine functionality

Technical support & eLearning content

Feature Highlights

Flagship Solution

Solve any warehousing challenge with the full capability of Microlistics WMS at your disposal.

The best-in-breed edition of Microlistics WMS comes with all functionality unlocked and can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Process Automation

Automate every process within the four walls of your warehouse.

The flexible rules-based engine at the heart of Microlistics WMS empowers businesses to develop their own automated processes, maximising accuracy, efficiency and visibility and reducing the need for software modifications.

Multi-Site, Multi-Client Enabled

One WMS system for all your warehouse operations.

The strong 3PL pedigree of Microlistics WMS is evident in its ability to easily handle multiple sites and/or multiple clients in the same facility. This provides pathways to consolidate existing supply chain software and to easily scale into new locations on a permanent, seasonal or ‘pop-up’ basis.


Fine-tune your warehouse operation with Microlistics Insights Dashboards.

Every Microlistics WMS implementation comes standard with a core suite of analytics dashboards providing an intuitive view of labour productivity, inbound & outbound trends and performance, warehouse space, inventory levels, stock movements and an easy-to-use management console providing a high level view of your warehouse.

Engineered for

Free your operations with limitless integration options.

Microlistics WMS provides a generic interface engine allowing for the transfer of warehouse related data. The interface seamlessly powers connectivity with third-party software, hardware and online webfronts.

Flexible Hosting

Choose the hosting option that best fits your needs.

Deploy on-premise on local infrastructure, or take advantage of a private Microlistics Cloud which offers a full-managed service enabling you to focus on achieving the operational outcomes your business needs to thrive.

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